Amazingly the first day of summer here in Washington really was…sunny!!!

The kids insisted that they were SO hot – and that they needed to cool down in the pool.  (Even though it was only 65.)

Pool time!

An hour later they were freezing and asking for hot chocolate.

Warming up and watching some cartoons.

Then in the afternoon we went to Picnic Point Park for a couple of hours.

Helping with the sand toys as we cross the train tracks.

Getting to work right away.

And running through the water.

Keeping busy with the buckets and shovels.

Pretending the log is their boat.

Telling me how much work it is to drive the boat.

Digging as the tide comes in.

Going in really "deep"

And rushing back.

Wesley's castle and the cool rocks he found.

Burying his feet.

What a GREAT way to spend the first day of summer!


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  1. sheree says:

    awww, that looks so relaxing! i love hanging at the beach with the kiddos! too cute in their sun hats!

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