Today Jillian started playschool.  It is 2 days a week from 9-11 and she could not be more thrilled…oh wait!  Yes she can!  Because her friend, Madi,  from ballet is in the class with her!

Outside the building... and very excited to go in.

In her class - a bit nervous.

But wait... what can Madi and I do together??


May I take your order??

Their "classroom". There is not much too it - but the kids sure did have fun!

They even have cubbies to put their stuff in. Jillian's is the red bag - second row, second over.

So cute running together to take some pictures.


Happy first day of playschool Jillian!


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2 Comments on Jillian Starts Playschool

  1. sheree says:

    awww! i’m so glad they’re together! thank you for taking pictures of madi and us! we so appreciate it!

  2. Kathleen says:

    She looks all grown up with her haircut and he stylish bag slung over her shoulder! Glad she is having fun.

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