I got to go miniature golfing 2 times in July.  :)

I took each kid separately to Lam’s Golf Links while the other was at camp.

The course!

We sure had a fun time!

First up was Wesley:

The 1st hole

Hole 3

Relaxing on hole 8

Got the ball in at par on hole 9

Trying to line up his perfect shot on hole 11


Saying hello at hole 15.

Hole 18!

he got a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!

He is one super excited boy!

He is very proud of himself. :)

We had a very fun time together.

Our scores for Tuesday July 10, 2012:
Par = 47
Wesley = 69
Amber = 64

Next it was Jillian’s turn:

Ready to go on the 1st hole.

J’s technique is all her own… :)

She was super excited to be golfing like Wesley got to.

Working hard to get it up the ramp of hole 3.

Happy that she got it up the ramp. :)

At hole 11

HOLE-IN-ONE on hole 13!

She is super excited!

She was too funny… she would not let go of the putter between holes once she had a “good grip”.

Hole 18 – she also got a HOLE-IN-ONE!

Happy times.

Our scores for Thursday July 19, 2012:
Par = 47
Jillian = 71
Amber = 60

Until the next time… when we all go together.  :)



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