wesley pan reflectionThe boy likes to cook. That has been well established.  Last night it was just him and me for dinner as Amber and Jillian were out with friends.  So I let him cook our dinner.

He made us Ravioli and corn and did all the following steps:

  • put the corn in the pan
  • added the water to the corn
  • got out the big stock pot
  • added water to the pot
  • added fistfuls of salt to the water
  • put the Raviolis in the pot
  • scooped out the floating raviolis with a long handled strainer (he thought it was cool that they float when they are done)
  • added the sauce
  • spooned out the corn
  • put cheese on top (his idea, I wasn’t even going to have cheese)

I’m here to tell you that it was yummy!


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