For the first time in more than two decades, Washington state is getting a new wilderness area because President Bush signed legislation Thursday to protect more than 106,000 acres of forests and streams in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Well, in almost eight years in office Bush has done one thing I agree with (I’m sure he has accidentally done other things.  Like order a cheeseburger with extra pickles.  I agree with that.  But legislatively speaking we don’t often agree.  Its why we don’t speak on the phone much or hang out like we used to).  Of course, he didn’t actually do anything.  He could not care less, but he didn’t veto this law just for spite (which wouldn’t surprise me a bit).  So hurray to Bush for doing the easiest thing on a topic he doesn’t care about and signing this bill into law.

In my opinion, I think at this point any undeveloped land outside the bounds of a municipality ought to be cordoned off.  If we haven’t needed to develop it yet, I think we can safely set it aside for future generations to enjoy without putting a WalMart on top.  If Obama or Clinton want my vote they can propose to take every acre, prairie, desert, forest, alpine, everything, that is out of the way and not in use and just lock it up.  No development, no logging, no mining, no drilling.  Just let it be.  They will be the most important resource we can never get back.  Trust me when I say that the natural biodiversity has a huge potential value.  Antibiotics, antivirals, and anticancer drugs are just the medical examples.  Add to that the incredible ways nature has learned to adapt and we will sure find a bacteria that produces clean fuel or a virus that stores data in a novel way that will lead to faster computing.  A huge number of natural discoveries are already influencing our daily lives and no one is really looking.  Lets at least keep the habitat until we are smart enough to start looking in earnest.


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