Wesley’s penguin passion started with Baby Penguin several months ago.  Then at the beginning of the month Grams got him two penguins for his birthday.  A big one he named Duck Duck and a baby one he named Buck Buck.  When we got them home and started talking about them he decided that they were a family.

  • Duck Duck is the mommy penguin
  • Buck Buck is the baby girl penguin
  • Baby Penguin is the brother penguin

I remembered that Aunt Ashley gave him a penguin at her wedding.  I pulled it out and he became Daddy Penguin the daddy penguin.

And now the penguin family has adopted a small cute brown baby bat named Baby Bat.

Today Wesley wanted to take a picture of his penguin family.  He lined them up on the couch all by himself.  It was super cute how he snuggled baby bat right in the center.  After I took a picture, I wanted to get some video of him talking about his penguins.

Making these videos he came up with 2 new names:

  • Uck Uck is the baby bat
  • Uck Duck is the daddy penguin

Wesley sure does like to keep his family names similar.  I am not going to let him name any of our pets and I hope his naming skills improve for his children’s sake!

Here is Wesley and I talking about the family’s names and titles:

Then I asked him if he wanted to say anything to his family and this is what he said:

Just like all families, this penguin family is growing and changing.  Until the next addition, Wesley will continue to;  move them from room to room, take care of them when they are sick and sad, tuck them in when they are sleepy in a newly created nest, give them kisses and hugs, and bring one or two along when we go out of the house.

Wesley your loving and caring soul is so wonderful to be around!


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  1. Joshua says:

    Amber I’ve been wanting to write about the penguin family for quite a while, but couldn’t figure out how to do it justice. You explained it better than I ever could have. Thank you.

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