On Friday the 20th we took Jillian for her 18 month check up.

And guess what!

Me too - I want to guess too...

Me too - I want to guess too...

She is still small:

  • Height:   30 inches (10th %tile)
  • Weight:  20 pounds 9.5 ounces (5th %tile)
  • Head:      45cm  (15th %tile)

But don’t let that fool you!  She is running, climbing, jumping and TALKING!!!   She is talking like a 2 year old.  Her sentences are amazing.  She is copying every word and/or sound that she hears.  And she understands everything!  You can tell her to do something and she listens.

She is super smart just like her Daddy – and she looks like him too.

Look what I am doing!  She loves to have us look at all of her accomplishments.

From here, I climb onto the table.

It is amazing how much love and spirit is crammed into such a tiny body.  One of my favorite things she does right now is: she says goodbye or goodnight to everything and everybody.  She does this super cute wave – she just moves the top part of her fingers.  Then combines that with her softly spoken “bye” – it makes you want to leave the room and then come back again to hear it over and over and over.



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