Yesterday Amber showed the kids how they could make recordings using her MP3 player. Unsurprisingly they really liked it. Here are two songs that I converted to video (so that Flickr would host them for me). The pictures are just recent shots of each of the kids.

Wesley sings “You Are The Best To My Heart”

This is Wesley’s favorite song. He made it up himself about his favorite stuffed animal Baby Penguin and he sings it all the time. (Mom, before you say it, “tippy, tippy, tap dance”).

MP3 for your listening pleasure: You are the best to my heart by Wesley 4.23.10

Jillian sings “Me Love You”

Currently Jillian is in the habit of telling me that she does not love me at night. She loves Amber at night because she likes it when Amber does bedtime stories. Here she is singing about it.

MP3 Download: I love you by Jillian 4.23.10


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  1. Amy says:

    LOVE the singing! Priceless! Can’t wait to see those kiddos again!!

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