I am not exactly sure how it happened…but Wesley has been complaining about how long his hair is in the front, so I trimmed his bangs.  Then he started asking if he could shave his head.  He said he wants to be bald.  He even asked if I could take off his eyebrows and eyelashes…!  So on Sunday – we shaved his head.

It’s just hair, it will grow back… right??  :)

Ready to go...

Before - front

Before - right side

Before - left side

Before - back

Here we go...

Jillian watched like this the whole time...

More hair gone.

And more...

The last of the hair now.

My bald boy!

After - front

After - right side

After - left side

After - back

He really wanted his head to be smooth with no hair at all – so we compromised with this.

It is super strange seeing Wesley with no hair.  But his is over the moon about it.  He loves it. He loves for people to feel it.  He is happy.


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2 Comments on I Want to be Bald!

  1. Dad/Grandpa says:

    You should only solder in a very well ventilated area, otherwise it can cause you to loose your hair.

  2. Jess says:

    I love it!! Wesley you are handsome with an without hair- that is quite a blessing!! Way to go mama, bravely using the clippers- aren’t they the best? Easiest haircuts ever!! Love you Wesley and I can’t wait to pet your new bald head!! Love you guys! Jess

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