Wesley wanted a pirate ship cake with real cannons to launch for his 6th birthday.

Joshua’s cannon design was great and really launched his hand carved cannon balls.  Wesley and Jillian both loved playing with it before it went into the cake.

Then I needed to put it in the cake…

Wesley wanted blueberry cake, so I found a blueberry bunt cake recipe and made it in 9×13 pans.

Here is how I created it:

Joshua thought to reuse this blue basket for the base. He then cut a piece of thin wood to fit in the basket for a strong base for the cake.

Here is the sculpted cake with a blueberry cream cheese filling between the layers.

I had to use a lot of skewers in the cake to keep the layers together.

I put on a thin crumb coating, then Joshua and I put in the cannons. The green thing is the launching pad taken from a game we have called FroggO.

The stern of the cake ship.

The bow of the cake ship.

The "front" of the cake with the cannons facing out.

Then I used brown gel coloring to make the cream cheese frosting brown.  Blue water was added then ocean animals were glued onto the basket to make it look like it is really in the sea.

The front of the cake.

The sails are made out of chopsticks and fancy paper.

The stern of the ship. The rigging, wheel and ladder are made with melted chocolate.

"W"'s and upside down "w"'s and the #6

The back side of the cake.

There is even a plank...with shark infested waters.

The bow of the ship.

Close up of the bow.


Hours spent:
Building the cannon & carving the balls – 2 hours
Baking the cake and making the frosting – 3 hours
Carving & decorating the ship – 5 hours
Total hours spent: 10.  :)



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  2. Becca says:

    You guys are just amazing!! Love it!!

  3. sheree says:

    WOW you are amazing, Amber! What a fun cake! Looks yummy too…so bummed we missed out! :)

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