Amber on September 26th, 2012

This post is way overdue…  On August 13th, Jillian turned 5!!

She may still be small, but she sure does look like the big kid she truly is.
Over the past 5 years, here is how she has grown!

  • 5th Year: Height – 39 1/2″ (20th %tile) ♥  Weight: 36 #    (25th %tile)
  • 4th Year: Height – 36 1/2″ (3rd %tile)    ♥  Weight: 32.5# (25th %tile)
  • 3rd Year: Height- 33 3/4″ (<3rd %tile)  ♥  Weight: 28#     (25th %tile)
  • 2nd Year: Height- 31 3/4″ (8th %tile)     ♥  Weight: 23#     (8th %tile)
  • 1st Year:  Height – 26″       (<5th %tile)   ♥  Weight: 16.5#  (<5th %tile)
  • At Birth:  Height – 19″         (25th %tile)   ♥  Weight: 6.5#    (25th %tile)

5th Year


4th Year


3rd Year


2nd Year


1st Year



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Amber on July 27th, 2012

I got to go miniature golfing 2 times in July.  :)

I took each kid separately to Lam’s Golf Links while the other was at camp.

The course!

We sure had a fun time!

First up was Wesley:

The 1st hole

Hole 3

Relaxing on hole 8

Got the ball in at par on hole 9

Trying to line up his perfect shot on hole 11


Saying hello at hole 15.

Hole 18!

he got a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!

He is one super excited boy!

He is very proud of himself. :)

We had a very fun time together.

Our scores for Tuesday July 10, 2012:
Par = 47
Wesley = 69
Amber = 64

Next it was Jillian’s turn:

Ready to go on the 1st hole.

J’s technique is all her own… :)

She was super excited to be golfing like Wesley got to.

Working hard to get it up the ramp of hole 3.

Happy that she got it up the ramp. :)

At hole 11

HOLE-IN-ONE on hole 13!

She is super excited!

She was too funny… she would not let go of the putter between holes once she had a “good grip”.

Hole 18 – she also got a HOLE-IN-ONE!

Happy times.

Our scores for Thursday July 19, 2012:
Par = 47
Jillian = 71
Amber = 60

Until the next time… when we all go together.  :)



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Amber on June 2nd, 2012

Out our window, on our deck or right out on the beach… here are just a few of the beautiful animals we have seen since we moved in.

Watching the deer eat right outside our window.

A rock crab at low tide.


Sea Stars

Big purple sea stars out on 2nd rock at a very low tide.

Shield-backed Kelp Crab

An Osprey

the Osprey diving into the water

And coming up with a fish.

A Doe and her Fawn in the driveway

The Fawn is trying to get down to the Doe.

The kids were playing outside and saw this almost mature Bald Eagle fly land on the tree.

I took this from the deck. I hope he comes back!





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Amber on April 25th, 2012

Jillian is very ready to make some new friends here in Anacortes!

So she will be going to playschool 2 days a week through June.

She is very ready to go in!

Let's GO!

With her new teacher

This is the first thing she did in the backyard.

Meeting the other kids.

They have a zipline - and she LOVED it!

Snack time!

She enjoyed 4 hours of playing, laughing and singing.

She can’t wait to go back!


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