and it’s Wesley’s first day of school!

Hooray! I am a kindergartener now!!

So before school we had a big photo session:

Then we loaded into the car and drove to the school:

In the parking lot heading over to the school.

Waiting to cross the street.

Let's go in!

Waiting for their teacher in the lunch room.

At his cubby.

Unpacking his folder.

Yep...he has the top shelf cubby. :)

Working on a coloring page while everyone gets settled.

Joshua and Jillian watch from the other side of the room.

Joshua takes a picture with his phone.

Jillian comes over to see what Wesley is working on.

Then it is time to go to the carpet. The teacher asks them to stand up and push in their chairs. Maybe 1/4 of the class is able to follow that direction (way to go Wes).

They sit and listen to "The Night Before Kindergarten" by Natasha Wing.

At the end of the book the kids wave goodbye and give hugs to their families - so Wesley got to do the same.

Jillian was the 1st to get a hug.


Then Me.

Joshua, Jillian and I then went home.  It was strange driving away thinking about him in that big school “all alone”.  A tear did come to my eye and it made me think about how fast he has grown up!

We had 2 hours at home before we had to go back and get him.  (He is in school 2 hours and 40 minutes.)

Joshua was awesome with Jillian - making her feel loved and special. Here they are reading - 11 books together (she had 21 more ready in a pile for him to read too). Before that they played games in her room and they even started a game of memory before we had to go.

We arrived early to pick up Wesley – good thing too, because they came out early.  :)

Waiting for his teacher to call his name to leave.

He was so excited to see us!

There he is - done with his 1st day of kindergarten!!!

Then we went to get lunch to celebrate…

And what would be the best way to finish off such a great day…. ice cream of course.  :)

And she did not want to miss a drop of that ice cream!



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2 Comments on Wesley is a Kindergartener!

  1. Jess says:

    This is AMAZING! Oh, my goodness! I want to cry! I remember that little baby all swaddled up in yellow duckie jammies :) Where have the years gone? WE LOVE YOU WESLEY! HAPPY, HAPPY 1st DAY of Kindergarten!
    Love you!

  2. sheree says:

    jillian’s face plant in her sundae cup…PRICELESS! love it! we miss you guys! what an exciting new adventure…school! :) i hope he has the best year! :)

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